Monday, May 11, 2009

The obnoxious Ex dropped her law suit

Yey!! Tony's ex emailed him last Friday and said she was dropping her law suit against him. He was supposed to go to court tomorrow as she was asking for $750/mo in child support. This is a woman that has 2 trust funds that give her so much money every month that she only needs to work 15 hrs a week.

We are really relieved this is over but she caused Tony so much grief since we got married that it really is ridiculous. She said in her email on Friday that "letting go has been hard for her", so her form of letting go is apparently to punish him for being happy. She is a dry alcoholic and really has had some very unfortunate things happen to her in her childhood days, an alcoholic mother that ended up burning the house down and killing herself by smoking in bed. An uncle that abused her horribly for years growing up, just an awful past. So I do feel for her in many ways, but these past few months of her having her "fit" has been ridiculous.

It is over and so is any respect that Tony had for her...........very sad to end a relationship that way.

On an up note we got Amy all moved into the new apt. and it is sooo cute! Scott and Tony and I took a little enclosed trailer up there yesterday and moved the washer and dryer in for her and then took home lots of stuff from the condo that was mine. The garage is almost empty but there is a lot of cleaning and work to be done to empty the condo completely. Then we have to rip out all the carpet and redo that and paint all the walls. Goodness, it never ends it seems. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Derek was asked to interview with Channel 12 in Cinci for a camera tech position, he has an interview for Wed. He is really torn about whether to do the interviews or check into the half-way house. He knows the answer but is having a hard time making himself do it, it is a 6 mo. program at the house. But this is the first interview he has had in his field, they are not easy to come by.

Hope the Mom's had a great day yesterday, we had a good day, had fun working hard and getting stuff done up there.

Big hugs to everyone,



  1. You work so hard! It could make me feel feeling fine! Glad things worked out with Tony's ex. My son is having problems with his marriage breakup. She is being a real B like Tony's ex.

  2. I am sorry to hear that Lo, an ex should not take it out on the former spouse. They should try to be as helpful as possible if they truly did love that person at one time. They have a lot of years to share their children and they need to work together, whether they are remarried or not. I'll get off my little box now......:)

  3. Man, that would be a hard decision - job or rehab. Maybe if he got the job it would be a bit of a rehab? I've seen with other people that once they finally started doing what they liked it turned them around. On the other hand....nah! I'll stick with the positive thought. :)

  4. Di, I am so glad things have finally worked out with Tony's ex. That's great news. You have got more things keeping you so busy, that you must just flop into bed at night. I sure wish Derek the best in whatever decision he makes.