Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27

We had a really busy weekend. I bought these 12 Barbie dolls at a yard sale we went to on Sat. before the soccer tournament started. These dolls are so cute I couldn't resist them, I bought 3 bags, each had 4 dolls and an assortment of clothes and little shoes and hats. I had ONE barbie growing up, only 1 as we didn't have much money. Now I'll have a stash to play with when we have Tony's grand nieces over and when Jake is here or when I want to play with some cute Barbies!!! They are mostly 1966 and 1968 years and in really great shape. I LOVE BARBIE!!! Will have to take a few camping with us on Friday, one bag had a little cooler in it!!

This is a pic of my soccer warrior husband playing in the tournament. They didn't win one single game but they had fun and will probably do it again next year. They have been playing in this tournament for 20 years!!! It was great weather and great fun to see them play quick 6 on 6 games on the smaller fields.

We picked up the camper on Friday, had fun learning all about the camper from this cute little couple. We hit the IKEA store on the way home in Cinci. Had to buy this adorable folding picnic table and chairs set, made of really solid wood and will probably outlive both of us it is so sturdy. We also bought a kitchen island which we have to put together tonight. And some dishes and pots and pans for the camper, just had a great time on our little trip.
You all have a great day!!
Love and hugs,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday April 23

More about our trip to Alb. Deb sponsored a candidate for initiation into the Catholic church so she had a LOT of committments at the church while we were there. She of course had volunteered to make cookies for the reception Sat. night after the vigil and she ran short on time. So Tony and I said we'd make some yummy decorated cookies as we LOVE doing that together. I made a cookie recipe from the back of the cookie cutter package, it was a Wilton cutter, it made the best cut out sugar cookies I have ever tasted, Mom and Deb agreed. Deb makes a homemade baking powder from baking soda and cream of tarter, we used that recipe for the powder and these cookies came out so nice and got so big. So when someone says use FRESH baking powder for a recipe use this one, you won't be disappointed. If someone wants the recipe I'll ask her to send it to me, it is just two ingredients but the tarter and soda must be new and FRESH or it is pointless.

I used a thin powdered sugar and milk and vanilla recipe for the icing and when it was not quite dry Tony put on the colored sugars in the design. An easy way to decorate a lot of cookies quickly. We gave them a boat load and Deb said 3 people commented that they were not only beautiful but delicious!!

Have to get the Dahlias into the ground today, I've had them on the kitchen counter for 2 days. The bed is ready I am just unsure how tall they will get. Guess I'll just do it and see what happens. Best get my behind movin............

Big hugs and love to everyone,


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2nd post for today - QUICKIE

Just a quickie to tell you all what the blood morphologist lady Susan told me when we saw her in Alb.

She said my blood was AWESOME, that I am eating pretty clean and it shows. She gave me some fine tunings to do and a few little supplements that I need to be getting enough of but all in all I am lookin good.

One thing she stressed is to be sure not to eat ANY wheat flour in any form and any refined sugar in any form. She is so right, I have been very careful this past 2 weeks and the zingers are almost completely gone. The facial and scalp nerve pain is gone too!! If I have a diet pop of any kind the joint pain comes back in a hurry so that is out too. For sugar substitute I am using Agave and it is great. Fibromyalgia pain is down to an all time low if I follow this plan. Trick is to keep things in the house that I can eat and to not take even one bite of the bad stuff. One bit and I am off and gone and eating the WHOLE THING!!

Big hugs,

I am BACK!!

Picture of the ladies on Easter Sunday. In the back: me, Mom, Deb, Jamie, Angie, the little girls are Malea and Tori. (Jamie and Angie are both pregnant!!) Pic of the kitchen in the camper, not a good pic but shows how big it is!! I it has the cutest little stove and oven, can't wait to whip up some yummy breakfast some cool morning!!

Pic of the outside as it sat in their driveway. Needs a good scrubbing, but great shape for a 95 and only pulled 250 miles it's whole life!!
Hi Everyone! I haven't been on, been so busy getting everything caught up after our trip to see Deb and family in Alb. But now I am caught up and going to post a few things. This is our new camper, we go to pick it up on Friday. I have been busy getting a few things for it so we can take it to Tony's soccer tournament this weekend. If they win they keep playing all weekend, so just in case we will bring it and he can have a place to rest and recoup before the next game. The tournament is held at a set of fields that is "way out there" in no mans land and it is hard to get back between games.

Our trip to Alb. was so fun. Deb was her usual super hostess self. Mom was a little on the annoying side but she means well, she just likes to make almost every single conversation about her so that does get tiresome. But she is 75 and guess she is entitled to be however she chooses to be. We feel like we cooked and baked the entire time we were there. We have a big ravioli dinner on Sunday and that takes 2 days of cooking to pull off for all those people. Then Deb sponsored someone for initiation into the church so she had all kinds of committments from Wed - Sunday. We made awesome cookies for the reception at the church after Sat. Mass. The folks loved them and that was fun. I baked egg shaped sugar cookies and Tony decorated them, well I iced them and he decorated the "pretty part". He is sooo good at that, we make a good team.

I am going to try to catch up with your blogs. You all have a great Wed!

Big hugs,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting ready for ALBUQUERQUE!!

Okay, this isn't a picture of our last trip to Albuquerque, it is a pic of us in Makoshika State park in Montana. This is an awesome park right outside my hometown of Glendive. I was just looking for a good pic of Tony and me having fun on a trip. This was taken in July of '08.

We leave for Alb. Wed. afternoon so I don't know how much blogging time I will get in before then. I told Deb I would bring her cookies for her reception for the RCIA folks and bread sticks for Easter dinner so I have a lot to do. Plus I want to try out my new iron on the curtains I am hanging in the guest bedroom.

We had everyone over for early Easter on Sat. Tony made pork tenderloins on the grill and I made lots of veggies and red potatoes, rice and broccoli, rolls and deviled eggs. Amy and Jake came on Friday so we had a little visiting time and Scott was here too all week. We had Tony's mother as well as my girlfriend Patty, so we had fun.

Derek did drop in for eating with all of us on Sat. but left to go off to a band trip to Dayton Ohio. He seems to be doing better, only drank that one night that he was here...and got kicked out the next morning. He is really suffering not having a place to call his own but that is what he needs and I don't feel sorry for him one bit. He showered here on Friday after his landscaping job and left a pair of pants to be washed but that is the only thing he has done here since he left. He has both the landscaping job and the BoomBozz pizza job still and seems to be doing great at both. He is making lots of money on tips delivering pizza, averaging $70 a night. He brought Tony his phone bill money on Sat. and that was nice. So he should have enough to get a place soon, the van has to be really uncomfortable and cold sleeping in that all night.

I have the guest room all back to the way it was only better. I'll hang the curtains from the old house in Bellevue today, they are so cute, a light green plaid with a cream color in cotton, tab curtains, I love them. They will go with the floral spread nicely.

Tony has a cold and he is trying hard to give it to me!! Gotta love those husbands, if they have a cold does it occur to them NOT TO KISS you on the lips??? HECK NO!! lol! I love him to death and can't deny him a kiss that is for sure, waited Waaaay to long for a good hubby.

I want to tell you all thank you so much for your unfailing support through these times with Derek. It means more to me than I can say! If I don't get with all of you before we leave I hope you all have a great Easter week and a blessed Easter Sunday.

Big hugs,


Friday, April 3, 2009

Derek's gone

Derek is gone again, this time at my insistence. He came home in the early house yesterday and was drunk!! He couldn't get up to go to his landscaping job at 7 and I went in and found him really hostile and very drunk in bed. I ordered him to collect everything he owned and leave and then the fight started. Apparently he thought he could just blantently abuse the privilege of living here and we wouldn't care.

I had to call Tony back from driving to work to get Derek to settle down somewhat. In the course of his rant and rave he smashed his head repeatedly into the side of his van, at rage at himself. He put a good sized dent in the van and I can imagine only added a headache to his misery.

So the end of the story is that he went up to Cinci and had dinner with his sister and Jake after he sobered up. Talked to her at length about his habit and then drove back down here. He parked the van in a lot somewhere and went to his landscaping job this am. He texted me and Tony several times throughout the day and begged to come back here, promising to change THIS TIME.......

He will not be back here until he completes a 6 month drug/alcohol program and graduates with honors, even then I doubt he will want to live with our rules, they just got even tougher.

So that is the latest in our story with Derek. One drink makes for one more drink and makes for total misery for him.............

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big pitty party..thrown by Myself, with Myself as the Only guest...

I threw an all out GIGANTIC pitty party for myself yesterday. I had eaten some bad for me stuff the day before, just because I guess. So yesterday morning, no surprise I was feeling really bad, pain in every joint (from the Frosty no doubt) and zingers running rampant in my body. But the real problem was between my ears, I had let this disease get the best of me.

So I sat down at my painting table and told myself I was going to paint a really mean picture of Jesus. Afterall God was the one that let me be like this, I was in a brand new marriage and full of pain and anxiety, that was certainly not fair. I sat there and just attacked the fabric with oil markers, just drew the worst looking picture I could think of , really upset and really just mad at God in general.

I texted Tony that I was feeling so badly and he texted me back to meet him for lunch. I had already picked a fight with him that morning and was thinking that I needed to say I was sorry in person. We met at O'Charles and had a really nice lunch, he rubbed my aching hands until our food came.

Later yesterday evening after our meeting I worked on the painting some more. I was thinking that Jesus has an odd way of mellowing my soul and spirit when I am angry at him. He makes me look straight at him and see the pain and misery that he went through for us. As I was putting on the final washes of color for the background and dragging the colors over his face I thought about the crucifixion and how it must have been so painful to endure not only the physical pain but the agony of his friends hiding from him in shame.

It came to light to me that God gave me this pain for a reason, I have something very tangible to offer up to him.