Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy Day ahead

Today we venture to Cinci to attend a benefit dance put on by the big Episcopal church that hosts the homeless dinners we do. We bought these tickets a few months ago and are really looking forward to the evening. I have missed my friends from the dinners so much, it has been a struggle not being homesick every week.

And it is snowing again here!! The roads were fine yesterday, let's just hope they will be ok to get up there and the snow will STOP!!!

Tony was home yesterday but today he had to go to work. We got him going early and he was at work at 7 so he can come home early so we can leave. I am wearing my wedding dress as it is so cute and I love it!! It is a halter so I have to find something for my shoulders.........I have a ton of fabric maybe I can whip up a quick shawl............I'll post some dinner/dance pics next week of how handsome my sweet Tony is going to be...............;)

You all stay toasty warm and safe.

Big hugs,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

We STILL have power!! Whooo Hoooo!!

This cool picture is of the hoop at the boy's house. We have Scott with us now as the boy's don't have power at their house. Their mother is staying with friends, THANK GOD!! We came close to having her over here too, now wouldn't that have been delightful, NOT!! She called Tony 4-5 times yesterday all upset because the boys were at friends homes and she was there alone without power. She was "struggling", and while she was "struggling" I was having a great time with her ex!! ............I know, I am evil, lol!

This am my friend from Cinci called me and needs help getting her son from Ft. Knox at the base. They have no power out there and have told the guys to go home for 2 weeks if they can get there. She is so excited to be able to go get him, except that she needs help getting there. So with Tony home today I volunteered him to get her to him with the Explorer, that is if she can get to us. I think the roads are clear on the highway so she should get here easily.

You all have a safe and warm day today!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tony is home today!!

Tony is home today!! Our tree in the back is all over the yard and hanging on the big power line to the house. Really had me scared this am, I was worried sick it would take it down and cause a fire. Tony has been watching it and we will have to get someone from the power company to remove it from the line.

I was worried about the power going out and we were sure expecting it but so far so good. I made dinner today at about 11 am because I wanted to be sure we had something to eat for dinner.

Tony and I watched October Sky this afternoon, a wonderful feel good movie that is a true story. Just having a great lazy day with my sweet hubby, something we needed after all the kid turmoil lately.

Peace to you all!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling Good!!

Hi everyone! I am finally back home for good. Yesterday morning I went back to the condo and spent the day there watching Jake as he was sick again. He is much better today and actually was better by 5 when Amy got home. Derek is good too, he was released from the St. Luke West hosp yesterday evening. We told the nurse that I had to get back home due to the upcoming snow and that Christy can't drive in snow so they let him go last night instead of waiting for the morning. His mood was optomistic although not as good as the day before. He started on an anti-depressant and did see the Doc. yesterday. He has instructions to contact the Crisis center for counseling and to got to AA everyday and take his medicine. Hopefully the new therapy will test him for bi-polar disorder, something he has been needing for some time. I am really hoping the medication will help him as well.

Warren has been staying at his Mother's even though she has said she doesn't want him there. He came over last night fairly late, after we were already ready for bed. He wanted the older Explorer to drive in the snow and Tony told him NO. He also told him to call before he comes over. He was upset because his Dad didn't have gas in this vehicle and one of the tires was low. Goodness, we don't use this vehicle right now, so why would it be in perfect condition and full of fuel. This kid is so rude it is quite amazing he hasn't got his clock cleaned by someone by now. Perhaps he just saves this behavior for his family, certainly he can't act like this for the rest of the world. Life will catch up with him and he will have to learn how to behave eventually.

On a happier note Tony and I are planning a weekend away. We are going to one of the state parks for an Eagle observing weekend program. It is really neat and we are very excited. Tony is a Falconer and he loves anything to do with birds of prey. This program will take us out in the lake to an island that has Eagles nesting. A wildlife guide will show us the nesting areas and educate us about them. The State Resort Parks in KY are really nice and very affordable. I think this weekend is the one after the valentines weekend.

You all have a great day!!

Big hugs and love,


Friday, January 23, 2009


Hi guys! I hope you are all feeling good today and looking forward to the weekend. I wanted to be sure to share this picture of my sissy Deb with you, it is from our wedding day. I thought of this pic today as we are making our reservations to go to see Deb in Albuquerque for Easter. We all get together every year there for Easter and it is so fun. My Mother will meet Tony for the first time this year while there, that should be fun. They are both gabaholics and I can see it now, non stop chatting and laughter. She'd best not pull out all the "naughty little girl" stories from my childhood!!! But what can you do, she is THE MOTHER and can do whatever she wants in her old age, lol!

Warren really pulled a goodie yesterday, every week it is something else obnoxious that he tries. He really dislikes me being here. Yesterday I discovered that my little trampoline that was on the back porch was all muddy and yucky. He and his friends had taken it out on the lawn and basiclly trashed it with mud from their shoes. This is my only form of exercise and it is usually inside but I placed it out there to get ready for the birthday party. That was the last straw for me, so far this week it was a overflowed toilet that he left for me and every morning a messy kitchen. He is going to go live with his Mother, we tried to talk to him for an hour and he was totally uncooperative. He threatened to slash my trampoline and has made threats in the past to Tony. I told Tony it is time to have him live elsewhere, I don't need threats made to me or to our possessions just because he doesn't like our house rules.

This is why my body is acting up so much, the stress from this child is too much. His Mother has previously not allowed him to live there but now there is no choice. He MUST live elsewhere!!

You all have a great day and stay warm. I am going to have lunch today with my adorable hubby, that will make me feel better.

Big hugs,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Feeling too perky today

I am not feeling too perky today. Tony has had a sinus infection and I think he gave me a little of his bug. Yesterday I layed down around 3:30 for a nap and didn't wake up until Warren came home after 6 and opened my bedroom door and let all the dogs in. Two of them jumped on me in the bed, they missed me!! He felt badly and when his Dad came home a few min. later he told him right away that he woke me, guess he thought he was in trouble! Tony and I went to his soccer game at 7 nd then to Cheddar's to watch the rest of the Louisville/Reuters BB game, we won!! But that was it for me for the evening, when we got home I went straight to bed and slept until the alarm went off at 7.

Today I had an apt with my new Electrologist gal Abbie, she was absolutely awesome. My gosh she was so good and skilled at her job. I have a completely hair free top lip and my little hairs on my chin are gone. She charges 1/2 the price of the lady I last saw in Cinci too, can't beat that! And it was almost completely painless.........well I do have extensive nerve damage so I might not have felt it anyway, lol!

I am off to take another nap, just not having enough energy today to even look for a picture to post for you all.

Have a great day everyone, big hugs,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our 1 month anniversary - yesterday

Yesterday was our 1 month anniversary! I am the luckiest newly married person I know, Tony is the second luckiest! God has given us an awesomely wonderful blessing!

Our birthday dinner for Scott went very well yesterday. Tony's Mother was very happy with the meal and seeing Scott and Warren. They all liked the pork and the birthday cake she brought was really wonderful, very chocolatey. During dinner Scott got a call from a Modeling agency, he had been spotted at the mall by someone from the agency that had a booth in a kiosk in the mall. They want him to come in and talk to them. He is a gorgeous young man, very polite and handsome both. He would be a great model, just doesn't have a lot of time with his sports and school.

I am going to do a few bills today and make a call on a Medicare issue and then just rest. I might go to the movies by myself, I love to do that, my treat to myself. I want to see the movie with Brad Pitt...........Benjamin something is the name.

You all keep warm and have a great restful day. 14 degress here again today, YUCK!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a weekend - I am exhausted!!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. We had Jake from Sat. afternoon till last night. We had a lot of fun but boy oh boy am I exhausted! We had a little bit of snow on Sunday so Tony took Jake around the yard in this funky sled. He loved it.
He pulled some fast ones on us a few times. Sunday he took all of the batteries out of the collection of remotes and hid them. Tony was searching under his bed for them in the guest room when Jake turned off the light and closed the door on him! We found the batteries later when I was changing his diaper, in his PJs, he had one of those one piece zippered up PJs. WHAT A KID!! We love him to death but it might be a month or so before we have him again for the weekend. lol! It might take me that long to recover!
Today is Scott's birthday, he is 15. We are having Tony's Mother over for a birthday dinner with both of the boys. It should be fun and it will be good to see his Mother, we haven't seen her in a couple of weeks. Scott requested pork tenderloin with veggies and salad for dinner so Ive got the tenderloin in the crock pot cooking away. We will have key lime pie and chocolate cake too as choices for dessert.
This cold weather has me pretty much in the house all of the time. I went to get groceries and have my hair colored this am but now I will be in for the rest of the day. My joints just can't take these temps, I'm getting old and movin slowly!!
You all have a great afternoon and evening,
Hugs all around,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yay it's FRIDAY!!

This is an awesome pic of us in the kitchen of the farm house on our honeymoon. This wine glass was cool that it ended up in the picture, we didn't plan it that way. We had a glass of wine and a slice of wedding cake for breakfast every morning!! We had a lot of wine left over from the wedding and we love red wine, not big drinkers but we sure enjoyed that one glass in the mornings, toasting our new life and future together.

Wind chill of -13 this am here. I have to go out later to meet Tony for lunch and to mail the bills. I made a big casserole dish of chicken enchiladas yesterday for dinner from my Amish cookbook, we only had Warren for dinner so we can eat that again tonight. I bought several neat Amish things on our honeymoon, we found some great little Amish stores in our travels. One thing I bought was an Amish cookbook, I have made several things from it and they are all very delicious.

We pick up Jake from Amy tomorrow in Carrollton and we can't wait. That is our 1/2 way point from the condo to Louisville. He has so much fun here, he loves the 4 dogs and can throw the tennis balls for hours for them, giggling like crazy at their chasing and scrambling. It'll be too cold to play outside so we will take him to the Y to swim, he should like that. Our friend Joan and her boyfriend Mark from the 5000 Club homeless dinners will be in town on Sat. as well and we are planning to meet with them for dinner somewhere.

You all stay cozy warm and if I don't post again before Monday have a great weekend.

Hugs, Di

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brrrr Cold Today

This is a picture of the creek at the farm where we spent our honeymoon. I posted it because today's cold temps reminded me of the 1st day of our visit there when it was a whooping 10 degrees. We took a walk to this little creek within hours of getting there, giving the 4 doggies a little exercise, and my little Gizzy (the bright one!) went directly into the freezing water!!! We then of course had to high tail it back to the farm house, about a 1/2 hr. walk back, when we got there his tail and undercoat were frozen. We took some beautiful shots of the farm, I'll post more as time goes on.
Today I go to get my new drivers license so I can go get my SS card and get SSDI to re-route my check to our new account. All of these little details to take care of keeps my mind humming for sure. I also have to finally get all the Christmas stuff put away, we got delayed on that when we had to go up to the condo for 2 more van loads of my stuff. The house is looking better, much more organized than it was.
I have had to take long naps everyday since moving here, the stress of the moving and the pain levels just make me so tired. The boys and Tony are enjoying my cooking but it costs a fortune to keep these guys in nice dinners and lunches. I forgot how much three big hungry guys can eat. I'll make chicken enchiladas tonight and I'll bet there won't be one left in the pan. One of them works in Jiffy Lube and he is frozen and very hungry when he comes home and the other works out for football everyday lifting weights and such, no wonder they are famished!
You all keep warm today,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hump Day

Good day everyone! Yesterday was a lot of fun. Tony took a 1/2 day off and we traveled up to Cinci with two of the 4 dogs in the back of the Explorer. We really cut it close on time to buy our Snowball tickets so they had to stay in the back the whole time we worked the homeless dinner at the church. It was so great to see everyone again and having Tony with me made it really special. Lots of congrats and news from all the workers. The clothes closet was always my "baby" and it was overbrimming with all kinds of donations. So Tony and two ladies and I sorted clothes for a give away at the end of the meal. We were able to give away several much needed blankets to folks that live under the bridge and lots of gorgeous heavy sweaters. The folks that give to the closet are very generous and it is wonderful to be the one to give the people what they need so badly.
After the dinner we went for a visit to Amy and Jake. The house was very messy but she has been quite busy with school. She went to the store while Tony and I watched Jake and I did her giant pile of dishes and he cleaned up the toys. She really appreciated the help. She is now a pre-med major and has heavy biology/chemistry classes this semester, she says lots of online homework everyday in each class. She is a very smart girl and I am sure she will do fine but we offered to take Jake as much as she needs to get her studying done.
I heard from the healing blanket ladies by email yesterday. I go to join them on Jan. 24th for the sewing session. I am excited to do this as I love to sew and I need some volunteer work. I miss the dinners so much but to be honest they are too hard on my body, standing and working hard for 4-5 hours straight is too much for me. Tony's knees hurt him too on that concrete floor. But sewing I can do and a lot of the ladies make the blankets in their homes, perfect job for me!!
You all have a great day, I feel like today is the day to fix the pile of doggie toys!
Big hugs,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off to Cinci today

Here is a picture I took the other day of my antique dresser all decked out with my paintings. The roses are some from the 24 that my SIL gave Tony and me for our wedding gift. They still look great, they must be the longest living roses ever!

Today Tony is taking 1/2 day off and we are going up to Cinci to do the homeless dinner. We have to buy our tickets for the Snowball fundraiser dinner while we are there. Another chance to get dressed up and drag Tony out on the dance floor. I have been doing the homeless dinner every week for the past year and 1/2 and I really miss all the volunteers and the people we serve dinner to as well.
Pray for good driving conditions for us! You all have a great day and stay warm.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Very busy weekend

Here is a great pic of Derek and Jake taken yesterday. We took our friend Dave's big cargo van up to the condo and brought back all kinds of stuff, we mainly went to get my big antique desk. Scott went with us and we really had a fun day. Derek came over to help with the desk and the two boys were clowning in the kitchen so I snapped this pic with my phone. Derek turns 24 on Jan. 20th, I can't believe I have a child that old!!!
While we were there Derek asked if we would like to bring the boys up and go skiing at Perfect North slopes sometime. So we have decided that the day after the Snowball we will all take a day and go up and ski. The boys rarely get to ski as there are no good places this far south into KY. Derek has 2 boards and Amy has little skis and boots that I can use. So this will be a fun outing. The boys have been invited to stay at Derek's and Christy's for the night while we go to the Snowball formal on Friday night, and we can always stay in the condo in my old twin bed. Derek has really hit it off with Tony's boys so this has been very nice. When Derek's band plays in Louisville we plan on taking the boys to his show, they will really enjoy that I am sure.
After we were through loading the van we all went to Outback for dinner. Scott and Jake are so cute together, Jake has to be carried everywhere by Scott. Jake didn't have much time for us with both Scott and Derek giving him so much attention. But next weekend we will have him from Sat. thru Monday so we will get our Jake fix then. We are planning on joining the Y with a family plan, adding Jake and Amy and the boys so we can all go. The Y down here is really nice, has a new outdoor swim park for kids that is really cute, Jake will love that. And we can always use the Y up in No. KY too when we are there, one nice feature of joining a Y.
Tony wants pork tenderloin for dinner and now that I have my big crock pot down here I think I will find a terayaki marinated loin at Kroger and throw it in the pot with some veggies.
You all have a great day and stay warm, it is brrr cold here.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Amy sent me this pic of Jake last night by text message after his bath, how cute is this??? He really loves his bath time.

I am very happy it is Friday, I have had lots to do this week but I have really missed Tony with him being back at work. I got super spoiled with him being on vacation for the last 2 weeks. I have a lunch date with him today at noon, he wants us to make this a Friday thing. Sounds good to me, just as long as I don't get lost getting there again.

They built this city on a spoke road system, all the roads go in a circle and many of them end up converging together at some point nearer to the river, makes me CRAZY and gets me lost! My girlfriend Patty got us a Tom Tom for a wedding/Christmas present and it has saved me several times already.

My body has really been misbehaving this past week with all of this cold weather. The nerve pain is firing all over and the squeezing around the chest is at an all time high. Really gets me down and makes me wonder when I am ever going to feel consistently better. Seems like any little thing will trip off the squeezing anymore, coffee, too much sugar, breathing, walking too much and on and on...........But then I think of how much better I am than I was and I give myself a little scolding for being down on myself.......

Making chili today for dinner so I'd best get to the store and get it going. I made some really yummy bread sticks yesterday, the fat chewy kind. I melted garlic butter on them as they baked and they were VERY good if I do say so, ha!

Take care y'all, if I don't post this weekend have a great one and STAY WARM!!

Love Di

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is this CUTE or what!!

What do you think of this picture!! What a cute child is this, ha! Amy and I took Jake to the Clifford exhibit at the museum last weekend and this room was awesome. We had so much fun with this exhibit. They had a big dog dish with giant bones that the kids could play in too. A little conveyor belt took the bones up and dumped them in the dish. The kids loved it! We saw the train exhibit as well and that was also very good. Jake was getting a little tired so we split and went to our Omnimax show on the Grand Canyon whereby he took a little snoozer while we enjoyed the show. If you have a chance to see the Grand Canyon show at the Museum Center in Cinci do it, it is very educational, all about the Colorado River. I think it runs until Jan. 11th.

Have I mentioned that I miss this lil guy? He is such a sweetheart and such a good little almost 3 yr. old. We will have him next weekend down here from Sat. thru Mon. while Amy goes with some friends to a show put on by a comic. He really likes coming here and hanging with us and the doggies. He has been good about sleeping in the guest room by himself and will even lay down for a nap in there just like at home.

I'd best find something meaningful to do with myself, the Christmas decor could come down I guess! lol!

later, Di

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Death of the Duck

Another little animal dies at the hands of lil Gizzy and Molly. Today it was a duck, yesterday a bunny and the day before the hedgehog. Little Gizzy seems to think his toys are for only disemblowling and squeeker removal. Little Molly helps him and they have great fun. In this mess of all of my stuff, mostly still in boxes and tubs, I have some extra squeekers and needles and thread. One of my many jobs is to put all these little creatures back together so Mol and Giz can have more of their fun.

Tony had two doggies, Molly and Lilly, both Jack Russell terriers and I had Gizzy and Rocky. Gizzy is my Shiz Tzu pup and Rocky is my overgrown chihuahua that is getting grumpier as each day passes. The four of them have great fun together getting into all kinds of mischief. Makes for an exciting day for me and gives me some companionship.

This new life of mine is rewarding in many ways but can also have lonely moments. I miss little Jake coming in each morning with his blanket and piling into bed with me and Amy's very crabby disposition as she looks for him to dress him for the day and finds him hiding under my covers. :) Well I don't miss that crabby disposition but you get the jest of it.

I am off to get some work done around here................


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Jan. 6 2009

Hi Everyone! I am going to attempt to create a blog on this site and reconnect with those of you that used to use 360. I have more time now to keep in touch with people. Cross your fingers that this will work, I've not been too lucky with computer lately.