Friday, May 29, 2009

Pic from camping at Lake Jericho

This handsome man is my hubby making a fire at our campsite at Lake Jericho last weekend. We had so much fun, took Derek, Warren, Scott and his girlfriend Tawny and Jake with us. We camped with Jake the first two nights and Derek slept in his van. Then on Sunday after the graduation party Warren and Scott and Tawny joined us for the night. Tony's friend Paul came down from his house on his Harley and joined us for dinner and the evening. We had so much fun! We went out on the canoe with lil Jake and he had fun "sweeping under the water" with the paddle. That kid is soooo cute, he really enjoyed the fishing too with his little Spiderman pole and the plastic red fish.

Had a bit of an "incident" in the canoe with Jake and Tony and I. We 3 had been out fishing the lake for a couple hours, we were caught in the rain and it was raining very hard. We were trying to come in at a different spot than the dock and Tony had the brainy idea to pull Jake and I in the canoe up onto the bank, only the bank was quite a bit higher than the water level. Well Jake went flying back into me and I fell my rear end into the very pointed end hole in the canoe, got stuck in there!!! Well I was hoppin mad but Tony was laughing so hard at my prediciment that it was pretty hilarious. Strained my back pretty good, had to lay down most of the day Tuesday it hurt so bad. It is funny now, NOT funny then, lol!

Got to go and get this house cleaned, will post more......I PROMISE!!! I miss you guys!

Love Di


  1. Missed you, Di.

    Welcome back! Hugs.

  2. Now see! If you hadn't lost so much weight you wouldn't have got stuck! (happy grin)

    (Still wish you guys didn't sit in the house so much like a couple of old geezers. You really need to get out and do stuff more. Like camping!) LOL

  3. Ouch!! That does sound like it would hurt. Those hubby's they are always trying to do things that they think will help us and they end up hurting us. Oh well they mean well! Hope your back is feeling better. Sure sounds like other than that you had a great time camping. Hugs.

  4. Oh wow. Hope you are okay now, but it does sound as if you all had a ton of fun.
    Have a great day.