Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Henry's Ark trip last Sunday

This past Sunday Tony and I took Scott and Amy and Jake to Henry's Ark since it was such a nice day. There were a lot more people there than the day Tony and Jake and I went in Jan when it was only 14 degrees. We were happy that Scott could join us as he couldn't make it to Jake's party on Friday and was busy on Sat. Scott is Tony's youngest son, the one that his Mother "hogs", literally! She will not allow him to spend the night with us anymore even though he has an adorable bedroom at our house...............YES, she is wacked but that is another story. We were happy to have him for the day on Sunday and he and Amy get along really well and Jake adores him. Scott is 15, Amy 20.

In the picture above Amy, Scott and Jake had to try out the very friendly burro for a ride for Jake. They didn't actually "ride" her, just sat Jake on her back. These burros were so cute and friendly and filthy!! Thank God we had hand sanitizer in the car!
The two camels that Tony about lost his left hand to while feeding! These two were VERY hungry and apparently love carrots. Wonder if you can buy carrots that are a foot long just for feeding camels??? lol!

This was the bunny area, neat very fat bunnies in elevated cages. Scott and Jake were big friends on this excursion to the Ark, Jake had to have him in sight at all times.

This emu was after us the whole trip down this little walking path to see the animals. He had to have whatever we were feeding the other animals, kind of freaked us out and he would get right in your face. Amy finally had to pick up Jake and run from this guy....Several of the animals at the Ark just roam freely among the visitors, not exactly the safest way to operate a zoo.
I am going to try to get caught up with all of the posts you all have put up this past week. We are working outside a lot lately and I just run out of time before Tony gets home and we have dinner and go to a meeting.
Love you all, big hugs all around,


  1. What great pictures and what a great place to go. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like a fun place to go. Great pictures.

  3. Cool trip! And for the thousandth time (and one can't say it too many) Jakey looks adorable! :)