Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hey guys

Hey guys, no time for photos today. I have so many things on my plate that it boggles my wee mind. I am trying to get at the pieces of silk that I bought from Dharma so that I will have Mother's Day gifts in hand when I get to Albqueruque for Easter. So much easier than mailing them later. But, alas..............that means I have to actually create the little masterpieces first!!

One of my Mother's contacts in art out in Port Angeles gave me a really great heads up on a technique for using a resist on silk that is NOT toxic and therefore going to be really good for me. It is plain ol gel glue, the kind you give kids to use, who wudda thunk it! I previously used melted wax for a resist but the smell and toxicity of melted wax is just to high of a price for me to pay. Plus, in this house there is no basement to hide in and create a mess in so anything I melt is smelly all over the house. The 4....soon to be 5 doggies and Tony and the kids cannot all wear a facemask all day!! Well maybe they could and maybe it would be super cute to see us all in them but that ain't gonna happen, ha!

So my focus today is #1 go to my fitness instruction apt. at LAC (Louisville Athletic club) #2 finish the trials on this new resist and use my best paints so I can see if it works #3 MAKE AT LEAST ONE OF THE DESIGNS on the silk scarf so that I am feeling like I am making progress on this quest.

It is raining here today so I won't be tempted by outside stuff. Like yesterday when Derek and I went to Auto Zone and bought oil and all the stuff to change my oil. That was actually really fun and REALLY MESSY!!

Oh by the way, I do not have YO's email address. I read all of her posts but can't post to her blog and wanted to email her but alas it is not in my mail box. Can someone please email me at her email address.

Thanks and hugs all around!


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  1. That's weird that you can read her blog but can't post on them. I'll send you her e-mail separately. Good luck with your silk work. Take pictures when your finished. I'd love to see your handy work when done. Hugs.