Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Latest project..........

I am making Jake a little covered pillow for his second birthday party. He loves this fabric and used to carry around the fabric piece before I had a chance to make it into something. We thought that was so funny so we had to take it from him when he was napping so I could make it into something. This pic is hard to see but I am machine quilting around each of the little cars on the fabric. Then I will sew each quilted side into a pillow.

On the subject of Katy's zingers. This method she has of going through the symptoms and systematically trying this and that to find the cure of reducing the zingers has me thinking. I am not supposed to be eating wheat flour products and sugar. I have been trying to give them up again and I have noticed that when I do give them up my zingers are greatly reduced. I had attributed the increase in them from the stress of living in a new city, new kids, etc. But now I think it is just the diet and a little of the stress.

You all have a great day, big hugs all around.



  1. The pillow will be awesome—as are all of your projects.

    On the zingers—happy that my suggestions might be able to help. I try to get through to others to watch for new/different cause/effect items in their lives. It is better to try prevention rather than to medicate, IMHO. And, while on the diet subject I've been on high protein low carbohydrate (sugar & flour) diet for many years, and it's easy to stay on as I suffer if I don't! Hugs!

  2. Love the pillow idea. Cute "movie" cars. Agree with Katy and the watching for things that cause symptoms.

  3. What cute material. I'm sure Jake is going to love his new pillows. I agree with all of you.

  4. Di, I think diet has a lot to do with our illnesses. When I started doing things from scratch, there was a huge difference in my body. I still can't get over how much eating processed foods was making my body worse.

    Of course now my scooter has me having spasms every day on it, but that's ok. It's worth it. LOL

    Good luck with your experiments.

    PS: If I was machine stitching around the cars...I'd end up stitching my fingers to it. LOL