Friday, April 3, 2009

Derek's gone

Derek is gone again, this time at my insistence. He came home in the early house yesterday and was drunk!! He couldn't get up to go to his landscaping job at 7 and I went in and found him really hostile and very drunk in bed. I ordered him to collect everything he owned and leave and then the fight started. Apparently he thought he could just blantently abuse the privilege of living here and we wouldn't care.

I had to call Tony back from driving to work to get Derek to settle down somewhat. In the course of his rant and rave he smashed his head repeatedly into the side of his van, at rage at himself. He put a good sized dent in the van and I can imagine only added a headache to his misery.

So the end of the story is that he went up to Cinci and had dinner with his sister and Jake after he sobered up. Talked to her at length about his habit and then drove back down here. He parked the van in a lot somewhere and went to his landscaping job this am. He texted me and Tony several times throughout the day and begged to come back here, promising to change THIS TIME.......

He will not be back here until he completes a 6 month drug/alcohol program and graduates with honors, even then I doubt he will want to live with our rules, they just got even tougher.

So that is the latest in our story with Derek. One drink makes for one more drink and makes for total misery for him.............


  1. Diane, I am so very sorry. I know this is so very upsetting for you and the family. Being strong about your rules is so important and probably the only thing that will eventually get through to him. God bless and big hugs.

  2. Oh Di I am so sorry. I know how disappointed you must be. I do hope Derek will be willing to go thru a drug and alochol program. Stick to your rules. Tough love is what he needs. Good luck all the way around and God Bless. Hugs.

  3. I'm so proud of you! You did exactly the right thing! If you want to see a lifetime of misery from listening to the "never again sob stories" of addicts, let me give you my sister's address. Great job Di—huge hugs!