Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27

We had a really busy weekend. I bought these 12 Barbie dolls at a yard sale we went to on Sat. before the soccer tournament started. These dolls are so cute I couldn't resist them, I bought 3 bags, each had 4 dolls and an assortment of clothes and little shoes and hats. I had ONE barbie growing up, only 1 as we didn't have much money. Now I'll have a stash to play with when we have Tony's grand nieces over and when Jake is here or when I want to play with some cute Barbies!!! They are mostly 1966 and 1968 years and in really great shape. I LOVE BARBIE!!! Will have to take a few camping with us on Friday, one bag had a little cooler in it!!

This is a pic of my soccer warrior husband playing in the tournament. They didn't win one single game but they had fun and will probably do it again next year. They have been playing in this tournament for 20 years!!! It was great weather and great fun to see them play quick 6 on 6 games on the smaller fields.

We picked up the camper on Friday, had fun learning all about the camper from this cute little couple. We hit the IKEA store on the way home in Cinci. Had to buy this adorable folding picnic table and chairs set, made of really solid wood and will probably outlive both of us it is so sturdy. We also bought a kitchen island which we have to put together tonight. And some dishes and pots and pans for the camper, just had a great time on our little trip.
You all have a great day!!
Love and hugs,


  1. I had some Barbies for granddaughters but now they are gone and grands are pre teen and teen and only interested in "other" things. Love the camper, with we had and IKEA store around here. Love hearing you having such good times.

  2. Great pics, and great stories. You made me remember that I have a doll w/ clothes from MY youth—wonder if they're worth $? Hugs!

  3. I never had a Barbie. I had a PJ! And a Ken doll who got ran over by PJ in her pink car. Poor Ken. He never knew what hit him. LOL

  4. I love your stories. You are going to have so much fun with that camper. We use to go tent camping years ago and we met the nicest people. I can see you playing with the Barbies. Your a kid at heart anyway. I bought some for my granddaughter to play with when she comes over our house too. I think it's neat that Tony still plays scoccer. I played softball till I was 46 and then quit it was only because of MS. I love sports and wish I could play now. I miss it. Hugs.