Thursday, January 29, 2009

We STILL have power!! Whooo Hoooo!!

This cool picture is of the hoop at the boy's house. We have Scott with us now as the boy's don't have power at their house. Their mother is staying with friends, THANK GOD!! We came close to having her over here too, now wouldn't that have been delightful, NOT!! She called Tony 4-5 times yesterday all upset because the boys were at friends homes and she was there alone without power. She was "struggling", and while she was "struggling" I was having a great time with her ex!! ............I know, I am evil, lol!

This am my friend from Cinci called me and needs help getting her son from Ft. Knox at the base. They have no power out there and have told the guys to go home for 2 weeks if they can get there. She is so excited to be able to go get him, except that she needs help getting there. So with Tony home today I volunteered him to get her to him with the Explorer, that is if she can get to us. I think the roads are clear on the highway so she should get here easily.

You all have a safe and warm day today!



  1. The picture of the hoop is awesome! Isn't it something how beautiful ice and snow can be and at the same time how destructive? BTW...can't even imagine having the ex in the same house!!!

  2. Beautiful photo, Di! Do you mind if I steal it to share with The local HS basketball teams? Mel does a lot of field trips for BB, and I think they'd all enjoy.


  3. Oh the EX in the same house would NOT have been good. She is a very nice person, really she is, she just calls Tony all the time and that wears on me. Having her here would have been TOO MUCH!! But you know maybe having her see Tony and me and how great we are together would get it through her head that HE IS MY HUSBAND and she would get a life and stop calling all the time.

  4. I love the picture of the basketball hoop. I love to look at all the trees with the snow and ice on them. I think it is so beautiful especially when the sun is shinning. So glad you didn't have to have Tony's ex come stay with you. That would have been strange.