Friday, January 16, 2009

Yay it's FRIDAY!!

This is an awesome pic of us in the kitchen of the farm house on our honeymoon. This wine glass was cool that it ended up in the picture, we didn't plan it that way. We had a glass of wine and a slice of wedding cake for breakfast every morning!! We had a lot of wine left over from the wedding and we love red wine, not big drinkers but we sure enjoyed that one glass in the mornings, toasting our new life and future together.

Wind chill of -13 this am here. I have to go out later to meet Tony for lunch and to mail the bills. I made a big casserole dish of chicken enchiladas yesterday for dinner from my Amish cookbook, we only had Warren for dinner so we can eat that again tonight. I bought several neat Amish things on our honeymoon, we found some great little Amish stores in our travels. One thing I bought was an Amish cookbook, I have made several things from it and they are all very delicious.

We pick up Jake from Amy tomorrow in Carrollton and we can't wait. That is our 1/2 way point from the condo to Louisville. He has so much fun here, he loves the 4 dogs and can throw the tennis balls for hours for them, giggling like crazy at their chasing and scrambling. It'll be too cold to play outside so we will take him to the Y to swim, he should like that. Our friend Joan and her boyfriend Mark from the 5000 Club homeless dinners will be in town on Sat. as well and we are planning to meet with them for dinner somewhere.

You all stay cozy warm and if I don't post again before Monday have a great weekend.

Hugs, Di


  1. Great picture! I can't imagine a glass of wine for breakfast though. Now maybe in the evening, I might enjoy that, but not in the morning. lol. I sure wish I loved to cook like you do and I bet Terry wished I did too. Have fun with Jake this weekend and in all you do and stay warm. Enjoy. Hugs.

  2. It is fun to read how much in love you are. May it last for ever and ever.

  3. a Michigan sweatshirt, what happened did you loose a bet? lol Great picture though!;)