Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling Good!!

Hi everyone! I am finally back home for good. Yesterday morning I went back to the condo and spent the day there watching Jake as he was sick again. He is much better today and actually was better by 5 when Amy got home. Derek is good too, he was released from the St. Luke West hosp yesterday evening. We told the nurse that I had to get back home due to the upcoming snow and that Christy can't drive in snow so they let him go last night instead of waiting for the morning. His mood was optomistic although not as good as the day before. He started on an anti-depressant and did see the Doc. yesterday. He has instructions to contact the Crisis center for counseling and to got to AA everyday and take his medicine. Hopefully the new therapy will test him for bi-polar disorder, something he has been needing for some time. I am really hoping the medication will help him as well.

Warren has been staying at his Mother's even though she has said she doesn't want him there. He came over last night fairly late, after we were already ready for bed. He wanted the older Explorer to drive in the snow and Tony told him NO. He also told him to call before he comes over. He was upset because his Dad didn't have gas in this vehicle and one of the tires was low. Goodness, we don't use this vehicle right now, so why would it be in perfect condition and full of fuel. This kid is so rude it is quite amazing he hasn't got his clock cleaned by someone by now. Perhaps he just saves this behavior for his family, certainly he can't act like this for the rest of the world. Life will catch up with him and he will have to learn how to behave eventually.

On a happier note Tony and I are planning a weekend away. We are going to one of the state parks for an Eagle observing weekend program. It is really neat and we are very excited. Tony is a Falconer and he loves anything to do with birds of prey. This program will take us out in the lake to an island that has Eagles nesting. A wildlife guide will show us the nesting areas and educate us about them. The State Resort Parks in KY are really nice and very affordable. I think this weekend is the one after the valentines weekend.

You all have a great day!!

Big hugs and love,



  1. Sure glad to hear that you're feeling better!

    I still don't know how old Warren is, but please don't fall for his sob stories, and manipulating—he is the only one who can help himself. My sis has 4 such "kids". You don't need that frustration! Follow Tony's lead it sounds to me as though he's on the right track.

    Hang tough, and take care of yourself! Hugs!

  2. Good news on Derek and I pray he continues to do well. Any chance Warren would get in the house and do damage while you two are away?

  3. Oh Diane I am so glad to hear Derek is doing better and I pray he gets the help he needs and continues to improve. Glad Jake's better too. Now if you could only figure out something to do with Warren. What a shame. Don't let him pull one over on the two of you. Stay firm in your ways and your beliefs and make him follow your rules and good luck. Your weekend away sounds nice. Hugs.

  4. Finally getting caught up on everyone's blog. :] Jakey looks soooo cute!!!! Hope he stays well.

    Eagles!!!! I love eagles!!! Watched an eagle and an osprey competing in a pond at a wildlife refuge at Bear Island in SC. It was so cool! The osprey won. LOL Didn't see that coming!