Monday, January 12, 2009

Very busy weekend

Here is a great pic of Derek and Jake taken yesterday. We took our friend Dave's big cargo van up to the condo and brought back all kinds of stuff, we mainly went to get my big antique desk. Scott went with us and we really had a fun day. Derek came over to help with the desk and the two boys were clowning in the kitchen so I snapped this pic with my phone. Derek turns 24 on Jan. 20th, I can't believe I have a child that old!!!
While we were there Derek asked if we would like to bring the boys up and go skiing at Perfect North slopes sometime. So we have decided that the day after the Snowball we will all take a day and go up and ski. The boys rarely get to ski as there are no good places this far south into KY. Derek has 2 boards and Amy has little skis and boots that I can use. So this will be a fun outing. The boys have been invited to stay at Derek's and Christy's for the night while we go to the Snowball formal on Friday night, and we can always stay in the condo in my old twin bed. Derek has really hit it off with Tony's boys so this has been very nice. When Derek's band plays in Louisville we plan on taking the boys to his show, they will really enjoy that I am sure.
After we were through loading the van we all went to Outback for dinner. Scott and Jake are so cute together, Jake has to be carried everywhere by Scott. Jake didn't have much time for us with both Scott and Derek giving him so much attention. But next weekend we will have him from Sat. thru Monday so we will get our Jake fix then. We are planning on joining the Y with a family plan, adding Jake and Amy and the boys so we can all go. The Y down here is really nice, has a new outdoor swim park for kids that is really cute, Jake will love that. And we can always use the Y up in No. KY too when we are there, one nice feature of joining a Y.
Tony wants pork tenderloin for dinner and now that I have my big crock pot down here I think I will find a terayaki marinated loin at Kroger and throw it in the pot with some veggies.
You all have a great day and stay warm, it is brrr cold here.


  1. Great picture of the "boys" You can't believe you have a son 24? Imagine how I feel to have one.......heavy sigh....OMG 45!

  2. I was going to say just about the same thing that Lois said only my son is 42. Old enough to make me feel really old. I love eating at Outback. I love their burgers. So glad to hear all the boys are getting along so well. Skiing sure sounds like fun, but be careful.

  3. We'll make the comments unanimous! Our kids are 44, 44, and the BABY is 41! I'll explain that in my blog. Nice pictures—so glad you're aboard! Hugs!