Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hump Day

Good day everyone! Yesterday was a lot of fun. Tony took a 1/2 day off and we traveled up to Cinci with two of the 4 dogs in the back of the Explorer. We really cut it close on time to buy our Snowball tickets so they had to stay in the back the whole time we worked the homeless dinner at the church. It was so great to see everyone again and having Tony with me made it really special. Lots of congrats and news from all the workers. The clothes closet was always my "baby" and it was overbrimming with all kinds of donations. So Tony and two ladies and I sorted clothes for a give away at the end of the meal. We were able to give away several much needed blankets to folks that live under the bridge and lots of gorgeous heavy sweaters. The folks that give to the closet are very generous and it is wonderful to be the one to give the people what they need so badly.
After the dinner we went for a visit to Amy and Jake. The house was very messy but she has been quite busy with school. She went to the store while Tony and I watched Jake and I did her giant pile of dishes and he cleaned up the toys. She really appreciated the help. She is now a pre-med major and has heavy biology/chemistry classes this semester, she says lots of online homework everyday in each class. She is a very smart girl and I am sure she will do fine but we offered to take Jake as much as she needs to get her studying done.
I heard from the healing blanket ladies by email yesterday. I go to join them on Jan. 24th for the sewing session. I am excited to do this as I love to sew and I need some volunteer work. I miss the dinners so much but to be honest they are too hard on my body, standing and working hard for 4-5 hours straight is too much for me. Tony's knees hurt him too on that concrete floor. But sewing I can do and a lot of the ladies make the blankets in their homes, perfect job for me!!
You all have a great day, I feel like today is the day to fix the pile of doggie toys!
Big hugs,


  1. Bless you for your work with the homeless—that has always been a soft spot in my heart, too. I'm grateful for your comment on us being an inspiration to you. From what I've seen, I think you found your "Mel". :-)
    I wish you both the happiness and joy of love that Mel and I share. Huge hugs!

  2. I'm glad the weather cooperated and you were able to get to Cincy to do your work with the homeless. That's just great of you Di and Tony too. I didn't know Amy was in pre med. That's great. Does she know what she wants to get into yet? The blanket making sounds right up your alley. Is that by your new home or where? I know what you mean about walking on concrete floors. Really does a job on your joints. Hugs.

  3. Your life is filled with blessings and you are blessing others with your caring for others. I am proud to know you!