Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our 1 month anniversary - yesterday

Yesterday was our 1 month anniversary! I am the luckiest newly married person I know, Tony is the second luckiest! God has given us an awesomely wonderful blessing!

Our birthday dinner for Scott went very well yesterday. Tony's Mother was very happy with the meal and seeing Scott and Warren. They all liked the pork and the birthday cake she brought was really wonderful, very chocolatey. During dinner Scott got a call from a Modeling agency, he had been spotted at the mall by someone from the agency that had a booth in a kiosk in the mall. They want him to come in and talk to them. He is a gorgeous young man, very polite and handsome both. He would be a great model, just doesn't have a lot of time with his sports and school.

I am going to do a few bills today and make a call on a Medicare issue and then just rest. I might go to the movies by myself, I love to do that, my treat to myself. I want to see the movie with Brad Pitt...........Benjamin something is the name.

You all keep warm and have a great restful day. 14 degress here again today, YUCK!



  1. We are still getting the cold weather tired of it! Going to the movies alone, I have never done that but sounds like a good idea because I miss a lot of movies not having anyone to go with me!

  2. Glad your dinner went so nice and Happy 1 month Anniversary. I am so happy for you Diane. You know I never thought of going to a movie alone but it's not a bad idea. There are allot of girly or romantic movies that I would love to see that I know Terry wouldn't like to see and now with him gone, it would be a great time to go see one. I just might do that. It's still cold here too, 19, but it is supposed to warm up tomorrow. Yippee

  3. this is the luckiest nation, God bless Barack Obama! ;]