Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy Day ahead

Today we venture to Cinci to attend a benefit dance put on by the big Episcopal church that hosts the homeless dinners we do. We bought these tickets a few months ago and are really looking forward to the evening. I have missed my friends from the dinners so much, it has been a struggle not being homesick every week.

And it is snowing again here!! The roads were fine yesterday, let's just hope they will be ok to get up there and the snow will STOP!!!

Tony was home yesterday but today he had to go to work. We got him going early and he was at work at 7 so he can come home early so we can leave. I am wearing my wedding dress as it is so cute and I love it!! It is a halter so I have to find something for my shoulders.........I have a ton of fabric maybe I can whip up a quick shawl............I'll post some dinner/dance pics next week of how handsome my sweet Tony is going to be...............;)

You all stay toasty warm and safe.

Big hugs,


  1. Not snowing here near Cincy so you should be OK for driving Di. Sure hope you have a nice time at the dance and you had better wear a warm winter coat over that dress or your gonna freeze. Have fun! Hug.

  2. Have a great time—looking forward to pictures! Hugs!