Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Death of the Duck

Another little animal dies at the hands of lil Gizzy and Molly. Today it was a duck, yesterday a bunny and the day before the hedgehog. Little Gizzy seems to think his toys are for only disemblowling and squeeker removal. Little Molly helps him and they have great fun. In this mess of all of my stuff, mostly still in boxes and tubs, I have some extra squeekers and needles and thread. One of my many jobs is to put all these little creatures back together so Mol and Giz can have more of their fun.

Tony had two doggies, Molly and Lilly, both Jack Russell terriers and I had Gizzy and Rocky. Gizzy is my Shiz Tzu pup and Rocky is my overgrown chihuahua that is getting grumpier as each day passes. The four of them have great fun together getting into all kinds of mischief. Makes for an exciting day for me and gives me some companionship.

This new life of mine is rewarding in many ways but can also have lonely moments. I miss little Jake coming in each morning with his blanket and piling into bed with me and Amy's very crabby disposition as she looks for him to dress him for the day and finds him hiding under my covers. :) Well I don't miss that crabby disposition but you get the jest of it.

I am off to get some work done around here................



  1. Four dogs in one house, wow! That's allot to keep after. Good luck. I knew you would miss Jake. It's only natural. You'll have to visit and see them on weekends. You need to take some pictures of the home your living in now so we can see where your living. Good luck unpacking and all. Hugs.

  2. How things change. Your life has sure gone through some ups and downs and in betweens and ended up in what looks like a fun and really nice life. AND....I love that you are blogging here!

  3. sounds like lil doggies are great company!