Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brrrr Cold Today

This is a picture of the creek at the farm where we spent our honeymoon. I posted it because today's cold temps reminded me of the 1st day of our visit there when it was a whooping 10 degrees. We took a walk to this little creek within hours of getting there, giving the 4 doggies a little exercise, and my little Gizzy (the bright one!) went directly into the freezing water!!! We then of course had to high tail it back to the farm house, about a 1/2 hr. walk back, when we got there his tail and undercoat were frozen. We took some beautiful shots of the farm, I'll post more as time goes on.
Today I go to get my new drivers license so I can go get my SS card and get SSDI to re-route my check to our new account. All of these little details to take care of keeps my mind humming for sure. I also have to finally get all the Christmas stuff put away, we got delayed on that when we had to go up to the condo for 2 more van loads of my stuff. The house is looking better, much more organized than it was.
I have had to take long naps everyday since moving here, the stress of the moving and the pain levels just make me so tired. The boys and Tony are enjoying my cooking but it costs a fortune to keep these guys in nice dinners and lunches. I forgot how much three big hungry guys can eat. I'll make chicken enchiladas tonight and I'll bet there won't be one left in the pan. One of them works in Jiffy Lube and he is frozen and very hungry when he comes home and the other works out for football everyday lifting weights and such, no wonder they are famished!
You all keep warm today,


  1. It's a whopping 13° here, now, and expected to drop to 0° tonight—I'm sticking close to my electric throw and my spa!

    Keep up with your naps, and pamper yourself—get those dang "zingers" under control. Hugs!

  2. It's only 9 here right now. I'm worried about you. All this stress of moving. You take care of yourself. We don't want to see you back where you were before. So please rest and don't do too much and relax when you get a chance, and don't be getting involved in too much so your to to busy that you can't relax. Hugs.