Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost ready for guests!!

I know this is not a very exciting picture, but I spent all day in this "guest room" yesterday so I wanted to show it off somewhat. I stripped out everything from the room, boxed up all Warren's "junk" and I mean "junk", this kid had old nasty containers of beer in there, remains of old juice box wrappers, etc. Anyway I scrubbed every wall and door as he works at Jiffy Lube and can't seem to wash his hands after work, there were greasy prints on everything in that room, even the bed posts!! If you know me, you know that I hate filth, so I had a fiesta yesterday getting it straightened up. The dust ruffle and sheets are new from Target and the comforter is mine from my twin at the condo, I was right it fit nicely, although could be a little longer on the sides.

The boys came over to print something for homework on our printer as their Mother's doesn't work so we had the opportunity to have them take the bags and boxes of his stuff to her house. Oh, I found 2 guns and ammunition in the room too, GOOD GRIEF!! I prefer guns to be locked up in a gun case, so now those are at her house too, thank heavens.

We found out yesterday that Tony's ex is taking him to court for 1/2 his retirement. This was something that was not done during the divorce and he is upset about it. He of course took a good sized hit on his 401K just like everyone else did and he doesn't feel too great about losing 1/2 of it to her. Especially as she has lots and lots of inheritance money from her father. I told him to pray about it, give the problem to God and let Him instruct him on how to proceed. We say the Scriptural Rosary daily so I am sure the answer will come to him as whether to fight it or not.

I am so excited to see lil Aleck today. Catrina called yesterday and said they won't be here until after 6. That is fine as I have my first session at the church at 10:30 to learn how to make the prayer blankets. Share emailed me a nice thank you and I have another person that I'd like to give one too but that one I'd like to make myself. There is a printed tag that you sew into the blanket on the underside with the prayer blanket logo and I need that to get started.

You all have a great day! Hopefully the winds will calm down, we had 62 mph winds yesterday and our yard is back to being a leafy mess..........



  1. The room looks very charming. I use to have a single bed like that years ago from my Grandma. I don't know what happened to i though. I wish Tony luck with this new problem that has come up. Have fun with Aleck and Catrina.

  2. I love four poster beds. It looks like a room in a bed and breakfast. Really nice job.