Friday, February 20, 2009

Today is a better day.........

What a gorgeous coat this goat wears everyday!! He is from the Henry's Ark that we took Jake too awhile back, that day it was 11 degrees and windy. We had the zoo to ourselves, go figure!!

Yesterday was a range of emotions for me. Derek texted me and called me several times. I woke up very weapy about him and went to bed very encouraged. Tony and I went to another Al-Anon last night and that one was the best so far. They work the 12 steps and we worked on Anger. They passed little slips of paper to everyone with a question for us to answer and share on Anger. It was a great exercise since I have been so angry at Derek lately. Everything you see and hear is anonymous at these meetings but when you go with your husband you can discuss it all among yourselves, how awesome is that!

We have a place all lined up for Derek to go to detox and then to a half way house that has counselors and physicans and AA meetings everyday. They will take him, and he can live there, an answer to a prayer for sure. Of course he can leave that program anytime he wants to, just like any place else so it is all up to him. I am getting out of the way of God, he is free to do his work with him.

Today is my day for lunch with Tony. We are going to the little restaurant we went to for our Dare To Care day where we had a little breakfast, Wagners. They have great fish and mac and cheese on Friday's so we have to try it.

Peace and love and hugs to you all,


  1. If I were with you I would be giving you a big hug. I know it must be so hard dealing with this problem Derek has. Bless you and Tony for being so understanding and bless Derek for all he is going through trying to conquer this disease.

  2. I feel for you Di for the ups and downs you are going through with Derek. I pray he chooses the option to go into the detox house, but as you said he has to want to do it himself and I pray God leads him that way. Enjoy your lunch with Tony.

  3. I wish all the best for you Diane, its not an easy road to travel. Keep your chin up and your feet firmly planted in your faith because it helps a lot! God is always near for you to call on at hard times.

    The wrist warmers are great!
    Enjoy your day and your weekend.

  4. It's really tough to "let go, and let God" and probably as tough to truly comprehend "powerless to alcohol" but they are keys to making it through this. Keep up with the support—you're doing the right things. Love & hugs!