Friday, February 6, 2009

What a day yesterday was!

I had a very successful trip to the condo. After my apt and time with Derek I took lil Jake to shoe shop with me at a sale. We found these awesome little "Cars" shoes for him for only $10. This pic is of lil Jacob sleeping with me with his new shoes, he wouldn't give them up. He obviously got this trait from me as I LOVE NEW SHOES too, well not quite enough to sleep with!

The apt with Legal Aid was awesome!! This gal is the contact for SHIP, those are the folks that help people with Medicare problems. She is an attorney and very young and sweet, but does she ever carry a BIG stick. She is helping me with 2 different plans to rectify this problem. Hopefully it won't be long and it will be taken care of, it is great to finally have someone that is familiar with this type of thing to help me. And someone that has a functioning memory, lol!

I did Amy's taxes while I was there yesterday, she is getting a bundle back this year and that is good. She needs all the money she can get taking care of Jake and living alone now. She was happy it was all done and now she can apply for her financial aid for next year at NKU.

I had dinner with Derek while up there. He and Christy are on the outs again because he went drinking while on his medication. Goodness, it is hard to watch this child of mine do this to himself. But I have to "detach" as they say in Al-Anon, it is his life and if he chooses to do this to himself he has every right to. Much easier said than done.

I hope to get caught up reading blogs today, I've missed all the goings on of you all. We are expecting 52 degree weather today and I am sooo happy! Tony and I go hunting tomorrow with the birds, they haven't been out in weeks it has been so cold so that will be fun.



  1. Wow, you did get allot accomplished today. I feel for you for what you are having to go through with Derek and I will keep him in my prayers that he will get his life straightened out. Have fun hunting tomorrow. Hugs.

  2. Cute picture of Jake and the shoes...what a good grammy you are! Hope Derek gets his head on straight. It is a hard thing to kick.

  3. So are the little girls chasing cute little Jakey down the street yet? :]

  4. Amy has a girlfriend with a little girl named Lucy. You should see Jake around Lucy, he is head over heals crazy about her, so funny!