Monday, February 9, 2009

I've been shrunk!

This pic is so funny, makes me look like I've been shrunk! We had a great day on Sat but worked our lil tails off yesterday. The magnolia is now all piled up and cut up and out by the street waiting for the big pick-up effort the city is doing. Our neighbors really had it much worse than we did and their entire yard is full of chest high piles of branches. It looks like a war zone in this city. And how about the little old people that can't possibly clean up their own yards and can't afford to have it done. The city will come around once with big dump trucks and claw lifters to get the debris and if the folks don't have their piles out they lose out on curb side pickup.

Today I will do my taxes as married filing separately as Tony can't do his until later, he has info coming that will take a while to get here. I can't stand to wait any longer, I am too anal, I have to get them done.

I have more clean up to do with all the magnolia leaves to add to the big pile. I don't want to bag them so I'll just dump them on top of the big branches. But we have another warm day here so it will be fun to be outside.

Happy day for all of you!


  1. Looking good with that bat! You have sure kept your weight off. One day soon I will send a picture of the new me....much slimmer too!

  2. Love the picture. Glad you were able to get your mess cleaned up in your yard. I bet that felt good to get that all cleaned up. Good luck with your taxes. Hugs.