Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Off to Cinci today

I am off to Cincinnati today to go to an apt regarding my unpaid hospital bill and my Medicare claim. I have contacted Legal Aid and I am meeting with a nice gal that hopefully can help me get this appeal jump started and looked at and maybe even paid by Medicare. This operation was done Nov. of 07!! I have been through the 3 appeal stages and none of them has made a determination because the first appeal place never responded. I say it is a scam that our government backs to keep from having to pay all the claims that Medicare should legitimately be paying. This bill is over $6500 and I WILL NOT BE PAYING FOR IT out of my pocket.

The dinner for Tony's Mom was really fun last night, this family of 7 kids is just like an unleashed band of zoo animals when they are all together. They tell the funniest stories about their life growing up. All these kids are great friends to this day and that has to be the best testament of a great upbringing. One of my SIL asked if we would throw her son a wedding shower as Tony is his Godfather and another asked if I'd like to help with a Mom and Baby room at Catholic Charities so it looks like they will be keeping me a little busier this spring.

I will see Derek and Christy for dinner tonight as well and I am happy about that. I have to see him in person to see how he is "really" doing. Please keep praying for Derek that he can give up alcohol once and for all!!

Have a great day guys and stay warm!


  1. Prayers on the way! Speaking from Mel's experience, giving up the booze is tough, but well worth the effort! I've got a story on quitting coming up.
    Huge hugs!

  2. Derek is not forgotten and in my prayers. Hope your trip is good and the weather not too bad. My granddaughter in Cincy had a snow day today.

  3. Good luck with that unpaid hospital bill. I am so glad to hear you are getting along so well with Tony's family and that they will help to keep you busy. Don't worry I won't forget Derek in my prayers. Hugs.