Monday, February 16, 2009

Lots going on.....

Lots going on here at the Englert household. This is a pic of Derek decorating the valentine cookies, we made lots and had fun decorating them in cute goofy designs.
Friday Derek moved into Warrens old room and rearranged things, the arrangement of furniture is much better. Tony and Derek and I went to an open AA meeting at a big church down the street and it was a great meeting. A young person talked and it was very timely for Derek to hear her speech. He talked to a few people and got a listing of meeting times.
Christy came down Sat. afternoon to see Derek and left Sunday morning. We went up to No. Ky on Sunday and spent a little time with Jake and Amy. Johnny was over to see Amy and we saw him for a few min. Then we watched Jake for her while they went out to play frisbie golf.
When Amy got home we all went to the party for Aleck and had fun, it was very crowded, lots of folks there to wish him a 1st birthday. After the party Tony and I went to dinner with Patty, then we headed back to Louisville. Derek had spent the day pretty much vegging in bed in front of the TV feeling bad for himself. He has a very hard time with free time on his hands. It is going to take a great deal of self discipline for him to make it here.
Today we got up early and made a list of things Derek needs to do while here. Got most of the list done including his new phone plan and new drivers license and changing his address to here. He even applied for a job online for UPS. The Clerk's office was closed so we will register his van tomorrow. He will go to an AA meeting tonight and Tony and I will go to an Al-Anon meeting at our church. The biggie was that he found a place that will give him an evaluation apt. for tomorrow. So each day is a challenge for him that is for sure. Laying in bed and feeling sorry for himself is not going to be an option, not if he wants to live with us anyway.
I have really taken it for granted that I have an "up" personality and don't easily let myself get down. Being around Derek makes me really happy that I have made it a habit to be happy. Depressive illness is a very tough thing to watch someone go through.


  1. Love the beautiful cookies!

    Derek has a climb ahead of him, but he's got lots of support, and the results are worth the journey. Our best wishes to him and you. Hugs!

  2. What a great thing you are doing and Tony is really stepping up to help with Derek's recovery. I pray all goes well.

  3. Derek has a long road ahead of him and I think what you and Tony are doing is great. I pray Derek makes and I give you and Tony allot of credit for letting him live with you newly married folks. You are all in my prayers. Hugs.