Sunday, February 22, 2009

Very good day yesterday.........

This is our lil man that will be turning 3 on March 6th, my how time flies!! Amy is planning a birthday party in the condo club house, should be a good one as I am making most of the food, lol! She is ordering the cake from Buskin, so that is handled. The theme is dinosaurs. Don gave Jake a set of big life like dinosaurs for Christmas and he is just crazy about them. I hope to be able to locate some dinosaur cookie cutters before then and make him some special iced cookies, we will see.

Friday night Amy and Jake came down for a few hours visit. We took Derek and Amy and Jake to dinner at the Bristol, an awesome restuarant. My Mom had given us a gift certificate for a wedding gift and that was the perfect time to use it. Then we all drove to a little pizza joint some 15 miles further down the road to hear Tony's sister's boyfriends new bluegrass band play. Rick is a very good bassist and the band was awesome!!! We will have to be sure to catch them again sometime.

Yesterday we tried to take Derek to his detox program but he was too far along in the detoxing stage on his own and they wouldn't take him. But this was good because that means he is doing that part on his own. He is saying he is very committed to doing it this time so we do hope that is true. He will call them on Monday and see if he can go to the next part of the program there or if he needs to find another program. The man there said he would help him find a good place. And he can always go to a counselor with Tony's employee assistance program too.

Tony and I went to a another new Al-Anon meeting last night and that one was one we will pass on next time. There was too much going on there that was not in line with our needs. Tonight we will go back to the AA and Al-Anon that we went to last Sunday, Derek can go to his meeting and we will go to ours.

You all have a great Sunday afternoon.

Love and hugs,


  1. Be sure to tune in to my blog later—I tell of Mel's journey to sobriety. It can be easier than Derek or you might imagine. I'm not advocating any specifics, just describing what worked for him/us. Each alcoholic must face his own demons, and do his own recovery, but we might offer some hints. Hugs!

  2. I can't believe Jake is 3 already! Time does indeed fly by. Glad we have Katy to offer knowledgeable advice for your family.

  3. Sounds like your Friday night was allot of fun. I am glad to hear Derek is doing so well on his own. I sure hope he can continues to do so well. I will keep him in my prayers. Hugs.

  4. It will be a really neat party it seems.
    I hope everyone has a nice time and that Jake has the best of birthdays.

    I hope also that Dereks path is smooth all the way.