Friday, February 27, 2009

Not much time on the computer lately..........

Derek celebrated his 8th day of sobriety yesterday with us. We are thrilled to pieces for him and we took him out to dinner to celebrate at Cheddars before we went to the meetings. We have found a great location at a church across the big street from our subdivision, they have a very good Al-Anon meeting along with an AA meeting Derek can go to. I finally spoke a little last night at the meeting and that felt good. All these meetings so far Tony and I have just sat and listened. Several in the room have kids with alcohol and drug problems and some people talked to us about their kids last night after the meeting. It is just the hardest thing in the world to watch these kids do these things, but it really helps to talk to others about it.

Derek has been on the computer a lot looking for work and looking for meetings and programs. We have one computer until he gets the new router hooked up and the wireless connection working so I've been doing other things while he uses it. I did read all the posts yesterday but just didn't have time to respond yet.

The pic up top we took yesterday in our running around. We were waiting for the custard shop to open and Derek was showing me how to use my phone to take a picture while the phone is closed and you can see yourself in the little outside window of the phone. He is always so amazed at what I don't know, lol! Anyway the pic came out so cute of him in the background looking on! He is such a good kid, a real joy to be around when he is clean and sober. We have missed a lot of time these past many years with him being crazy with his addictions, it is so nice to just enjoy him. Makes me happy to be at home now and able to give him a place to stay and recover.

Got to get my hair colored today so you all take care, big hugs and love!


  1. If Derek is surprised at what you don't know about things, he'd be shocked about what I don't know about things. I am illiterate about many of those things. I'm so glad to hear he's doing so well and pray he continues to recover.

  2. I am like Judy and you..still learning how to use technical things. Sometimes feel so dull about these things. Happy for you Di..things seem to be working out.

  3. Same here—tech illiterate! I need my grand kids closer to teach me some of these things! Congrats to Derek—keep up the good work! Hugs

  4. Hi Diane, hope things are going along well.
    It is a cute photo!
    Keep well.
    Ps, I like the can photos! How cute.