Sunday, February 8, 2009

New twist on my Medicare problem

My gal with SHIP called me on Friday and told me something very interesting. Apparently my appeal was responded to on Jan. 20th. It said that Nat. Govt Services asked for my records from the hospital and they did not respond to the request within 60 days. So now National Govt.Services is holding THEM responsible for the $6500 bill!! Can you believe that! She said that the hosp will more than likely appeal that determination but WOW what a change of events this is. Gives me a little hope anyway.

Tony and I went to Glassworks in Lousiville yesterday and he bought me a really pretty glass ball for my collection for Valentines Day. We watched them hold a class and blow some neat glass kisses, very cool. Then we went to the Slugger factory and later we went rollerskating. That was so fun, I am a terrible skater but Tony is really good and it was fun watching him skate circles around me.

Today I am cleaning up the tree mess while he hunts the birds. My legs are too tired from skating to do all that walking in the hunt. He walks for a couple of hours straight and that would exhaust me too much.

Derek is thinking of coming to visit us for a few days. He wants to leave the band, that is a good sign. He knows he has to give it up to be completely free of the temptation to drink.


  1. It sounds really promising on the hospital bill. I'm very encouraged that you're off the hook, anyway. Good job! Your day together sounded fun. I'd love to see a picture of your glass ball collection. And, finally, more great wishes going out to Derek. Hugs!

  2. Thank you for your prayers for Derek Katy. My "collection" is only 2 glass balls so far but I plan on it being a much more awesome collection. I can't reopen my box until Valentine's Day!

  3. I just read this (Monday morning) and am so happy for you on that hospital bill. What an outcome! Good luck to Derek and I pray he kicks these problems he is dealing with. Awe...newly marrieds, how romantic.