Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lil Doggies and Iced Cookies

Our lil doggies, left to right: Molly, Lilly and Gizzy, and up top is Rocky. This is "their couch" our spot is on the floor! lol! With the warmer temps we have been taking all 4 for walks around the neighborhood, they are loving it. We keep three of them on leashes and let Lilly chase the ball. Last night we walked the doggies and visited with several neighbors who are still cleaning up their yards from the storm. One older lady hired a man to run a chipper and cut down the trees in her back yard, really looked good, maybe we should have done that and not had to deal with the mess.
Our friends Catrina and Jeremy and their lil baby Aleck are coming to town for a convention that Catrina is attending. They are staying with us Thursday night in Warren's old room. We are sooo excited, we get to see lil Aleck and get to visit with Catrina. Aleck turns one on Valentines Day and he has a party on Sunday, hopefully we will make it up there for that. Cross your fingers that the weather holds out. You all might remember that I babysat lil Aleck for some months last year. I have missed him and Catrina sooo much!
Today is my day to start making my Valentines cookies. I make the rolled and iced hearts and give them instead of candy for gifts for the kids. I have a neat bear shaped copper cookie cutter that makes a great big cookie, so cute all decorated with icing. But alas, I can't find this cutter anywhere. It will show up, when I don't need it I am sure.
You all have a great day, I have some shopping to do for meringue powder and cookie stuff.


  1. I mean the pictures of the doggies and the wedding flowers! I also love the idea of a yummy Valentine cookie, I should be one of your kids LOL