Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning and more Cleaning

Ok, I couldn't find the picture I wanted to post today but I found this cool pic of a shirt that I made a couple years ago. This is hot wax and dye, called batiking, really fun to do. I want to do more of this when it gets warmer outside, I can't melt the wax in the house, waaaay too smelly.

I am cleaning Warren's old room for Catrina and Jeremy and Aleck's visit tomorrow. This boy is really amazing, I found something quite weird under his bed. Guess he was trying to get high off of some seeds from flowers in the back yard. I found this weird home made pipe and a container of seeds.....................GOOD GRIEF!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am that he is now living with his mother.

I bought new bedding for the bed yesterday and washed it all up. I am using the comforter from my bed at the condo since it is a full sized bed and my comforter is really cute and a huge twin, hopefully it will look ok. I want them to be comfortable in there, so maybe they will visit again!!!

You all have a great day, I'd best get back at it and stop playing on Facebook and sending Lois flowers, Lois you are making me a slacker!! ha



  1. I like the shirt. Looks really neat. Don't work too hard. Hey, I didn't get any flowers? lol. Hugs.

  2. I remember when you were doing the batiking thing! Jeff says he'd like to be bikinied. (That's batiking, Jeff!)

  3. You are so talented. Running of to facebook LOL

  4. Hey, I COULD make lil Jeff a bikini!!! That would be tooo cute!!!